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A Fight For Life

I know that I usually blog about other things, but today I want to talk about something that I noticed the other day and can’t seem to get out of my head.

Throughout the years I’ve owned pools in different real estate (like this guy) that I have owned. And while pools are great, they also pose a new threat to children and dogs.

I’ll never forget a friend of mine had an Akita (a breed of dog). His Akita loved to swim in his pool.

So, what he did was he made sure to tie the Akita up to a tree in the backyard when they weren’t home because he would try to jump in the pool.

He did not consider whether his Akita could jump the fence that surrounded the pool. 

That is exactly what happened one day when they were out to lunch. The dog jumped the fence and the line was just long enough for the dog to get into the pool but once he was in the pool the line running over the fence to the tree became taut.

So the Akita was no longer able to get enough slack in order to get himself back out of the pool.

They came home and realized that their friend and companion was gone.

It was a horrible consequence to a seemingly smart decision.

 So, what caught my eye the other day was a video that I saw where an infant steps out onto the back patio while no one is looking.

  I say infant, but I mean a baby that’s probably 15 months old.

The baby makes his way to the edge of the pool and you guested falls in. I was really shocked that somebody actually videotaped this. Not only did they videotape it from the outside but they had a video camera inside the water. Literally you see this baby fall into the water and like most others I’m sure I was thinking that that was it for the baby.

But the baby knew exactly what to do. He had been trained with water lessons. He was able to kick one of his legs until he flipped over and was floating on his back.

It was pretty cool. Once in that position the baby just stayed that way and was able to breathe as well as make noises.

  He even cried while lying in that position. I was envisioning what it would be like if I were the parents of this child. I would be so thankful that I had given him swim lessons. Also, the crying in the pool probably would’ve alerted me to the fact that something was wrong.

It was a remarkable video. But the one thing that stood out to me was it was actually the dog that opened the door (and let the baby out).

I think we don’t always think about how a well trained dog can actually open the door to all kinds of dangers and problems for small children.

Just had to share in case anyone had never thought about that stuff, and it makes me consider a couple of things. First, As parents, do you really think of everything that could be a potential hazard for a kids? And second, More philosophical thoughts, do we really have the ability to survive and adapt in any circumstance? Are we taking the time to train yourselves in order to keep ourselves safe from challenges and problems that occur naturally in life?

I feel like one of the ways to do this is really from a mental perspective by reading books. If we keep feeding on information that produces personal growth then we will be ready for circumstances that are beyond our control. Add hats drop notice we’ll be over to respond in a favorable manner and keep ourselves a float in the game of life.

How about you? Have you read a good book lately? I am constantly working on myself. I have a few people in my life that or my mentors. They help me get my head straight. I should probably mention that they help me keep my head straight too.

Especially when I go off my crazy tension. Okay, enough rambling for the session. I hope this blog posts helps you and makes you think about your life.

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