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Jul 31, 2015 | | Say something

Badman Blogging done right

Continuing down the vein of blogging and writing, I thought that I put pen to paper (or fingers to computer if you will) to give you some insight into a couple of tips that have helped me.

Today I sat down to write a blog post for another blog I’m going to run. What I want to talk about is that I was made pretty curious when I saw a blog post that a woman published saying that she had learned how to write between 3,000-4,000 words per hour.

I was pretty intrigued by this because it usually takes me about all day to write that much content. I basically have a format where I sit down and I begin reviewing information and doing research on stuff that someone else published before I can start writing my own original content.

This process can often take up to an hour. It really depends on how much information I have to review. Often times I’ll end up watching videos and trying to learn everything I can about a particular individual or product.

Then, I basically have to give the backstory of what led the person to develop into whoever they have become or to create the product that they have created.

What I was able to gather from the article that I read was that you really have to know what you’re writing and be ready to drop it down on paper. The writer of the blog post was Monica Leinelle.


She basically said that what really made a huge difference for her was creating a really good outline. She talks about beats and sketch and draft. However, I’m not really that technical. But one of the things that really stood out to me was that she also recommended that you only work in 25 minute segments.

This is known as the Pomodoro method.

This Marcos was not actually the first time that I heard of something like this. When I was reviewing a book by David Allen called to getting things done, he references this. I had originally learned in heard of this concept back when I was studying under a man named Chris Carpenter.

He is a well-known Internet marketer. He basically said that he sits down for 50 minutes sessions with 10 minute breaks.

So, basically the same thing just a little bit more extended.

I find that my problem is that I can literally sit down for hours without taking a break. The problem with this is I’m not sure that my effectivity and efficiency is solid. If I had to guess I would imagine that it’s some kind of curve. I begin with limited efficiency and then it grows to a steady level and then it falls off.

So my biggest Takeaway when it comes to writing is probably making sure that I’m following a time limit. I also need to make sure that I’m taking regular breaks.

This will enable me to get a lot more done when I sit down to actually accomplish something at my desk. It is so important when you do a lot of blogging to be able to sit down and actually get the job done. Sometimes creativity in my mood plays a huge role in how effective I am.

I’ve always said when it comes to work that you should work as an NBA player does. Basically they’re either on their “A” game and they’re playing or they’re sitting on the bench. I find that if I am not on my “A” game I’m probably better off doing something else that doesn’t require the type of mental focus that I need in order to be creative.——-

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